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Yep, that makes two of us, I also have been pulled over once, and not recieved a ticket (my car's backlight was minorly broken,) I bet you could've done the alphabet backward. I dont know if I can do that when I am sober.

Yeah, same thing happened to me in Provo, two blocks from our house. They basically looked at my license and said, oh... you're from here. I thought you were drunk,
drive safely.

nice graphic, by the way

I can't believe she let you get out of the car. Most of the time you should stay in the car and not move until the officer asks you to get out. Good thing you didn't get tazed.


I thought similarly - but after having taken the keys out of the ignition, and the car being off, it would have looked even more menacing if I were to restart the car just to get the window down. :-)

I didn't actually get out of the car - I just opened the door, and said "How can I help you?" It's likely that the fact I was wearing a suit and tie and didn't reek of alcohol or slur my words may have contributed to her not opting to be more aggressive.

And TGray, that siren is courtesy of the Drudge Report. He uses it for all his major stories.

Louis: I'm cracking up. I can imagine the whole process.
And I'm sure she was VERY dissapointed to find that you were simply a bit distracted rather than sauced!
Glad you were dressed to the hilt and accompanied by a responsible adult!!!
lvya, kc

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