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Kathy, thanks for posting. It's good to see Ken's doing well, and for the insight into his life. We worry about him, hope for him, and wish him well. On a side note, I'd trade the temperature he's got in the first photo for what we've got now. Looks very comfortable! He also looks like he's in great shape too!

True, Louis. He is in great shape. He does nothing but work, sleep and work-out. I have another photo (on my work computer) that shows him doing pullups on the bunker structure. One of the sgts took it of him unawares, like the nap photo! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your dip into the cold regions! kc

Kathy, I wanted to let you know I posted to my blog about Ken, and how much we're pulling for him and the rest of the brave soldiers in Iraq, to return home safely.

My Cousin, Kenneth, a Hero, Serving in Iraq

I hope that through this, more people (though not a huge number) can see a real face to go along with a far-away conflict.

OH- my goodness, Louis.
That was incredible. Thank you so much.

I had the best dream a bout ken the other night... We were at a family bbq at nana's house. (I was around 8 yr old in the dream,) and Ken was swimming laps rather than playing with me, I decided to swim laps in the opposite direction of him so I kept colliding with him. He eventually stood up in the pool and grabbed me by the shoulders, " Okay I get it, you want me to pay attention to you, how about just you and I hang out tonight?" and then gave me a big hug. That was the whole dream. I woke up happy.

I am glad that he is doing well. I think about him all the time. I want to send him a package, what does he need, what is his address, how long will it take to get there?

Louis~ I also liked your post it was very moving. Good work, that is exactly how I feel.

Hey- Molly! He'll love the dream sequence!(I sent it to him.)
Mail reaches him at:
Lt. Kenneth Curtis
HMM-165 (REIN) S-2
Unit 41076
FPO AP 96610-1076
Some things he needs on a regular basis: baby wipes, flat folded paper towels, gum, granola bars, Twizzlers, snacks (but not necessarily candy). Small pkgs of one or two things are just great and bring great joy! The FPO address is out of San Francisco. Takes about 10 days to get to him...give or take a few depending on circumstances.

Email to:
I'm sure he'd love to "bump into you" online! But don't be surprised or alarmed if he doesn't write back immediately. It sometimes takes days or longer to respond as he just is simply too tired to check mail. Thanks for your love.

I'm impressed with the good, thoughtful dialogue on this one. Yes, Kathy, it would be good if we could balance things out and get the right men together with the right women.

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